Monday, August 23, 2004

Another Letter Alert

In my little crusade to make sure that folks don't take the recent flurry of anti fiber letters as all that indicative of the opinion of anyone but BellSouthCox folk I give you the latest letter. Though he doesn't mention it he's a BellSouth retiree; he said as much in his previous letter. I imagine he retired a while ago since he seems unaware of Voice Over Internet Protocol—VOIP. VOIP is surely the method that LUS will use if its plan goes forward and it involves using none of BellSouth's resources unless the person you call is a paying customer of BellSouth or one of its lessees. Anyway, those "discounts" aren't such a good deal anymore. The Ma Bell, AT&T, recently stopped taking new customers in our region due to regulatory changes which will eliminate much of the "discount" the writer complains of. Ma is moving to Cox, among others, to provide its local connection using VOIP as was reported here earlier. (See: Running to Mama for VOIP).

Don't worry, I'll get over this silly little bit soon. It just irritates me.

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