Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Audio presentation of fiber basics

If you like to get your information through what you hear this webinar offers a nice treat. Its a 27 minute audio-only presentation of a "light reading webinar" where the principle speaker is a Dael Bartlett of Allied Telesyn. About 9 months old it presents a very nice recent overview of optical fiber networks. Types of networks, their economics, payback times, the role of triple plays and the role of municipals are all covered. Do be aware that Allied Telesyn is a seller of IP-oriented equipment and so has a dog in this fight. (As such any representative is likely to be biased in favor of active, ethernet-based fiber networks, for instance.)

An interesting listen--and it's nice to be able to hear things once in a while. Now just suppose we had the bandwidth for full video...

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