Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Broussard Mayor Redux

Feisty Mayor Langlinais of Broussard has entered the fiber fray again. In a letter published in today's Advertiser the Mayor takes a critic to task for saying that telecom isn't a utility that local governments should provide—and to set the record straight on the state of Broussard's water problems. He reiterates his, and other local mayor's hope that LUS will expand its service into the surrounding areas. The idea that local governments cooperate in that way was lent substrance by the story he recounts of the way Lafayette and Youngsville helped Broussard out during its water troubles. Its good to have friends.

One portion of Mayor Langlinais's letter gives me a chance to help him out a bit. He says that he suspects the letter writer of having ties to Cox or BellSouth. He need suspect no longer: the writer, Steve Plukett, is indeed a Cox employee as I reported shortly after his letter appeared.

I've waited to post this today because I'd like to post a link to the Advertiser. One of the better things about the net is that you don't have to take my word for what an online document says. You can go look at it yourself. But the letter refuses to show up. Now this is odd because the same thing happened the last time the good mayor stepped into our local fiber fray. His letter appeared in the print version but never made it online. Considering the spotty nature of the Advertiser's site I have a hard time giving into any little paranoid fantasies. But really they ought to get more consistent with their updating.

But there is no reason to wait. In the interest of full documentation of the Lafayette Fiber Battle I've scanned the letter in for your reading pleasure:

Image of Broussard's Mayor's 2nd Letter

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