Friday, September 10, 2004

A Competitive Elixer: Unbuilt Louisiana project brings progress

This Broadband Reports story notices that Lafayette is the only location in the Middle America Cox (MAC) district of Cox to get the upgrade that Cox has supplied to both coasts. The implication: Lafayette gets the upgrade because it is considering a municipal fiber network and Cox is trying to clean up its act.

Middle America Cox subscribers have long complained on discussion boards that they pay the same amount for their broadband connections that the more privleged sections of the country pay for much higher speeds. A major complaint is that most recent three upgrades applied in other Cox districts has not been seen in the less wealthy, less densely populated MAC district.

A CNET story covers some of the same ground. Alert readers of this earlier story will note two things: 1) at press time for this story Lafayette was not among the areas supposed to get the upgrade and in fact it was announced for Lafayette only later. 2) The speed everyone else got was to 4 Megs. Lafayette was told it was getting 3. 3 Megs is what the other districts got upgraded from. If the 3 megs story hasn't changed then Lafayette really hasn't caught up, it's just not as far behind as the rest of MAC. Note: I am not seeing anywhere near 3 megs at my house. (I wonder if we could ask for a 25% discount on their "free" upgrade.)

Thanks LUS! The fruits of competition, even threatened competition, are sweet.

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