Thursday, September 23, 2004

Disinfo Alert: Echo Chamber

Disinformation Alert: Echo Chamber Strategy Emerges. We continue at Code: Yellow

The unlamented TJCrawdad has risen from the dead and is blogging his little brand of lies and innuendo yet again. TJCrawdad is better known by the name his momma gave him and his bosses at Cox call him by: Tom Cantrell and is vice president "governmental relations" at Cox.

This guy had been blogging as TJCrawdad and using the anonymity of Blogger to lie to folks about being a resident of Lafayette. I'll bet dollars to donuts the rest of his all-too-cute blogger profile where he claims his favorite novel is "The Pelican Brief" and his favorite music is Zydeco and Cajun and his favorite authors are classic French novelists. (Victor Hugo and Alexander Dumas. Really?) is all lies too. Not only is this just disgusting it's also arrogant and condescending. He thinks we are all rubes and will fall for the most transparent of lies.

Since TJCrawdad was exposed as Cantrell his blog had gone decently offline but today he returns with an innovation: the anonymous echo chamber. The still concealed Cox vice president quotes, with gleeful satisfaction a letter to the editor by an employee whose conspicuously leaves out his employment. Surprise, the employee agrees with the boss. Hey, the boss approves of the letter. Nobody has to mention any thing about their real role in life. All very chummy, all very funny, wink, wink, nod, nod. How clever we are... God, how I hate this stuff.

If Cox had any honor and any desire to be respected they would pull this guy down and hide him in a closet somewhere. But they do not. Because honor and truth aren't in them. They are not interested in that stuff, no profit in it. They are just interested in winning by laying out a little more fear, uncertainty and doubt.

The next time you see a little piece of Cox propaganda remember that they can't be trusted; they are just not honest. Caught in a lie they repeat the lie. It doesn't matter to people like this.

The Vice President's latest little piece of misinformation. HERE
The Vice President's all-too-cute Blogger Profile. HERE
The Employee Letter and why it is hogwash. HERE

How we know that TJCrawdad is the vice president. HERE
How we know that letter writer is a Cox Employee. HERE

I have a hard time getting over stuff like this. Sleeze.

I've pretty obviously lost patience with these guys. I've discovered that I feel differently about different classes of liars. Some folks lie in order to get something and you can tell it bothers them because they trouble themselves to tell a good lie and to tell as few as possible. I really don't like that but it doesn't make the bile rise. You oppose those guys and watch 'em like hawks. Other folks lie becaues they want to put something over on you in order to take what they shouldn't have. They'd like to feel a contempt for you because it makes them feel superior and in some twisted way justifies their deception. Those folks make my bile rise. Cox has managed to make my bile rise.

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