Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Letter Alert

If you read the letters in this morning's Advertiser may have wondered why Mr. Evitt, a resident of Duson, is so quick to supply (dis)information to the citizens of Lafayette. Why? You guessed it. He works for Cox, a discomfiting fact he neglected to mention. (He testified for Cox at a city-parish council meeting in March.)

The disinformation:
  1. He tries to direct attention away from the Cox monopoly over cable TV with red herrings about contracts, LUS, and housing choices. (No, I don't quite understand it either, but that's what he says.)
  2. He likes competition, except when it is with the company that pays his check. In that case he decides that the false claim that the City-Parish "regulates" Cox should let it out of any competitive challenge. In fact, the City-Parish does not regulate Cox as it has repeatedly pointed out. It does have a contract with Cox. The difference? Regulators have the legal authority to force pricing and service plans on companies without their consent. Contracts are entered into by mutual consent. Sorry Cox, no matter what you are feeding your employees that pig won't fly.
  3. Then there is a little disjointed bit of vague fear about who is going to be serviced by LUS thrown in to complete the distasteful stew.

This sad thing is that this misleading approach is so common now that a letter like this hardly gets noticed as it does its little bit to poison the atmosphere with Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

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