Wednesday, September 29, 2004

New Fiber Group Forming!

Lafayette Pro Fiber has been asked to announce that there is a new fiber group forming. Jon Fitzgerald is organizing the first meeting at Mellow Joy on Ambassador Caffery this coming Saturday at 10:00 am. The agenda is deliberately sparse and will be driven by the participants. Initial topic for the day: Why have a citizen's group; What can we contribute? The participants will take it from there.

The basic idea, as we understand it, is to meet and discuss the potential offered by the modern, high-bandwidth fiber network that LUS is hoping to offer the citizens of Lafayette. What can be done with that kind of bandwidth? What opportunities are there for business, education, or the arts?

We are happy to announce the meeting--and hope that it will be one among many. There is a conversation that needs to be happening about what we can do with all that we hope is coming. There's the old Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared. It has always been a good principle. And fiber should be fun to discuss and dream about. Not to mention that the coffee is good.

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