Friday, September 17, 2004

Two Three Doses of Fiber

Update: 8:50—an earlier version of this story written in the wee hours of the morning missed the Advocate's separate story on the Utah mayor's speech. Blanchard and the Advocate sensibly decided these were separate stories and reported them as such. But they have yet to put the Mayoral story online leaving me to think that they'd not covered Billings' speech until I saw the hard copy. Ooops. I'll link to the second one when it goes up.

Both the Advertiser and the Advocate cover yesterday's fiber events.

Our local paper, the Advertiser, ran "Utah mayor talks about future of fiber optics" and in the Advertiser's version the story was about the Mayor of Provo, the differences and similarities between the communities of Provo and Lafayette and the plans they offer for fiber to the home.

The Advocate, in a story that has not made it online, "Provo, Utah mayor lauds LUS fiber-optic network," focuses on the Mayor's speech and recounts stories of how earlier doubters of technological innovation were proved wrong and Mayor Billings recitation of the mistakes the incumbents in Provo made that angered the community. (Sound familiar? I am sure Mayor Billings thought it might.)

Kevin Blanchard over at the Advocate in "Study: Fiber-optic plan can work" does his usual craftsmanlike job of reporting the feasibility study, giving you the necessary background in recent law to understand why it was done and citing Cox's public records' request so you know why it came out just now. It rolls out lots of the relevant data: on launch date (first customers in 2006), projected return to the city (69 million in lieu of taxes), low price pledge (20% savings averaged over all services) break-even market penetration (30%) and estimated citizen savings (190 million).

(Check out Mike's fuller story on Mayor Billings' speech. Good stuff.)

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