Friday, September 17, 2004

A Very Bold and Needed Step

Doug over at LUSFTTH blogged a point I shamefacedly admit I missed during the breakfast, musta been sopping up my grits and grillades. Neither of the papers reports it either. But it is worth considering what he reports took place during the awards ceremony:
I would be [remiss] if I didn't point out that Chuck Vincent took a very bold and needed step during his 2 minutes at the microphone. He adamantly showed support for this community to deploy a FTTH network. (link)
I really wish my attention hadn't wavered because I needed the reference point a little later. One of the guys from Wave7 who was clearly trying to get up to speed on the local scene asked about the business community. My response was to the effect that many of the strongest supporters were from the business sector but that the organizations had stood pat. He'd done his web research and carefully listed the major tech/business organizations: LEDA, the Chamber, and Zydetech, and asked which ones had endorsed the LUS project. I squirmed a bit...none. LEDA and the Chamber, I had to inform him, had come out for "fiber" as a nifty idea in the abstract but not for the only possible realistic source of fiber: LUS. He seemed shocked. He had every right. I was embarassed.

We need a little more Boldness from those who see themselves as courageous visionaries and fearless entrepreneurs. Now is the time to step up to the plate and risk a little something for the sake of the community—and everyone's long-term self-interest.

(By the way...the business scene wasn't the only scene that interested the Wave7 guys. They'd been to the Blue Moon the night before and had that scene covered--he and his partner were copying down the name of local bands off borrowed CD's during the breakfast. For a bit there it was hard to get 'em to talk fiber...)


Anonymous said...

It is time for Lafayette to LEAD - FOLLOW - or - GET OUT OF THE WAY.

This community has talked about being a technology hub before it was cool to talk about being a technology hub. We have great projects going on, we have seen zydetech bring great speakers to town, and we see LEDA building new buildings.

Now is the time for the boards of the chamber, zydetech, and LEDA to step out of the box and move forward on endorsing fiber as a last mile solution. We see the facts, we see the lies presented by BellSouth and Cox, we see our money leave this community with just above minimum wage positions being filled at a Cingular call center. Our community deserves better than this.

It is time for business owners to go the next step - and say that they are tired of being held hostage by paying over inflated telephone line fees with over priced local loop charges on an inferior technology.

John said...

I'm with you anonymous...