Friday, October 01, 2004

Advocate --and the Advertiser--Fiber Letter

George Graham of the Graham group public relations firm has a letter in today's Advocate. It's a great letter lauding to the skys both Kathleen Blanco and Joey Durel for their very concrete actions in LONI, Lambda Rail, and the Fiber for the Future Initiative. He's right and they deserve the praise. Durel, especially, has taken action that has very real, direct political risks. He's staked his career on this while many of his natural allies hang around waiting for the "perfect plan" to emerge. (And, not incidently, for the plan to become so overwhelmingly accepted by the public and the council that they bear no risk in joining in.) Its past time for those folks to show some public support. (I am gratefully aware of the cadre of leaders who have been steadfast. My quarrel is with the "official" leadership organizations.)

It shouldn't be George Graham writing that letter.

Which brings up another quarrel. Certainly no one who is tuned in to Louisiana politics or the Lafayette situation will be unaware of Graham's deep political connections or that his firm is representing, quite actively I might add, the Durel administration and LUS in the Lafayette fight over fiber. But, most folks don't follow that closely and Graham really should let readers know that he is paid to work for fiber. I am a big advocate of being straightforward—it pretty much always works out better in the end.

(Sorry, the Advocate apparently doesn't put their letters online so you'll get no link. You'll have to go down to the newstand to get your copy. If you do you'll get the lagniappe of one of Kevin Blanchard's more insightful pieces on the contretemps over road work at the recent council meeting. Ah, local politics. The Advertiser didn't cover it.)

Update/Correction: A kind reader points out that the Advertiser has also run George's letter today. (Good Coordination!) And the Advertiser puts its letters online, partially offsetting my little snark about missing the streets issue. You can get the text of the letter at: Blanco, Durel have vision of the future

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George's letter is also in today's Advertiser. I posted it on my blog.

- dsm