Friday, October 15, 2004

Belated Coffee N Fiber Report

Coffe N Fiber met at CCs on Johnson for a spirited discussion last week. Sorry guys for the delay in posting a review, my week got out of hand and I just lost track of it.

I particularly had fun talking with an EE student from UL about the potential of the system for him; the kind of work that it might spawn and his hopes for staying in Lafayette. He'd been wondering about specializing in telecom. My guesss is that he now thinks it a good idea. He'd like to stay home if he can... The EE student was particularly taken by a brief conversation about the possibilities of a Linux-based cable settop box that would double as a real cheap computer; seems he thinks he could set up a tidy part time business servicing such a think and doing software installs.

I passed on the word I got from a recent conversation with the folks at LUS that aside from the triple play three that anyone could buy wholesale bandwidth for any purpose. That's popular. But they want to hear it from LUS. I can't blame them.

We had fun talking about stuff like the possibility of unlimited in-system bandwidth. (It's looking like the limits on what folks get at their home or business will be largely determined by backhaul costs rather than any in-system constraints.)

One guy who showed up has a sideline business of installing satellite systems. According to him installations have really jumped and have stayed up since local channels came online, stressing the installation system and keeping them running behind. (One of the other guys there might get into to that installation game for awhile too.) My guess is that Cox has more problems locally than just LUS.

Anyway, it was all fun stuff to talk about. Between the conversation and the coffee it was enough to wake a fella up pretty thoroughly.

I presume that this Saturday's meeting will also be at CC's on Johnson at 10 am. More when I get confirmation.

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