Friday, October 22, 2004

A high-fiber diet; Fiber-optic lines are taking root in smaller towns, bypassing cities like Baton Rouge.

Doug over at LUSFTTH has turned up what appears to be an old Baton Rouge Business Report article from late August. Missed it then but is sure is fun to look over now that our fiber project teeters on the edge of a full committment. It sounds like maybe the capital city is a little envious?
Fiber to the home is gaining momentum first in smaller cities. That's a turnabout from the usual deployment of new technologies, which generally start in denser areas where there's more money to be made before being rolled out to less profitable markets.

Smaller cities like Lafayette are getting fiber because their public utilities, owned by the residents, already have the poles and lines that make it more economical to run fiber...
Kind of a nice turnaround, isn't it?

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