Friday, October 29, 2004

Lafayette ordinances step toward fiber-optic plan

In a move apparently required by the interaction of state and city-parish law two ordinances that will be discussed on November 9th and 16th—and voted on on the 16th will be introduced November 2nd. City-parish rules require a two week span between introduction and vote on ordinances. One would officially "adopt" the feasibility study (as required by state law.) The other would create the LUS structure that is necessary to provide the firewall between LUS' new functions and its old services that will meet the requirements that old functions not subsidize the new business.

Blanchard closes his story by noting that "The council will have the option of defeating the introduction of the ordinance, which would effectively defer the matter." That might bear watching. I can't imagine that LUS would introduce this unless they knew the council was willing to put it on the agenda but Blanchard is easily the best-informed reporter on this beat and isn't given to including nonsequiters into his articles.

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