Friday, October 01, 2004

Lafayette Praised as a High-Tech Mecca

"While it seems an unlikely pick, Lafayette, with its progressive University of Louisiana, Lafayette, and the city's entrepreneurial spirit, is doing a lot of things to attract high-tech businesses."
That's the pitch from Entrepreneur Magazine. Today's Advertiser runs a story inspired by the article and extending some of its points. LEDA and its ATIC (Acadiana Technology Immersion Center) received most of the praise. And that's appropriate. But ATIC appears to this old academic to be a pretty straightforward implementation of "the CAVE." Having it will be a boost and its certainly a lot of fun to play with. --The University of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana had one when I was there in '96 and as a techy sort of new hire I got to go and tour the facility. Great stuff, but it all depends on what one does with it nowadays. Those were the days of virtual worlds and the CAVE is certainly the best developed example of that enthusiasm. The technology is there; the issue now is applications and interface—and Lafayette has a great opportunity to help make the technology useful.

The fiber connection? Oh there are technical things... but for my money the real implication of this story for a fiber project is that if a CAVE could get us this sort of press just think what being the nation's biggest and best fiber community would garner. The publicity alone oughta be worth a few miles of backbone.

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