Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Mark your Calendars

The city-parish council and the LPUA have set a date, tentatively, for a vote on adopting LUS' fiber-optic feasibility study: November 16th.

The feasibility study, received from the Competitive Communications Group, will be discussed on both the 9th and the 16th. The statement read at the council emphasized that the procedure was to designed to conform to Act 736 the inaptly named, Local Government Fair Competition Act. You can look to the Act 736 for information about what the feasibility study must cover as well as what it need not reveal ("commercially sensitive marketing information.")

All signs are that the feasibility study will handily be adopted by the council but that will hardly be the end of the matter. If history in other locales is any guide—and it certainly has been to date—the incumbent providers will attempt any delaying tactics they can muster with legal entanglements being the tool that comes easiest to hand.

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