Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ready to get your fiber?

The AP story, Ready to get your fiber?, runs a informative, clear, educational story on the telecom issues of the day. It focuses on fiber deployment (natch) and the author has done his homework on delving into the intricacies of the regulation, differing strategies for using fiber, and the history-based cynicism of some observing the teleco's new promises. (Fiber has been promised for over a decade.) Where a strategy requires technology not yet in place, such as the advanced DSL that will make BellSouth's fiber to the curb strategy tenable, he says so. The story also explores the competitive environment which may well make further telco delay too risky and some of the empirical signs in terms of bids let and equipment ordered that indicate the logjam is actually breaking this time. Nor does it miss the possible change in regulatory environment that regime change in Washington would bring. Tying this all together in a newswire story is a quite a feat. Click on over.

Good reporting and an excellent example of the difference between faux, publicity-release scribbling and intelligent, informed commentary. The author deserves a byline he or she did not get.

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