Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tri-Cities Locked in Battle

The outrageous incumbent campaign in the Tri-Cities continues. You ought to take a little trip over to the Fiber For Our Future website for a vision of just how dirty telecom and cableco's can fight when they get a chance.

The incumbents have poured money into a fear-based public relations fight to shut down a referendum that would allow locals to seek private funding to build a pooled municipal utility. If the funding cannot be found the build will simply not occur.

The basic issue of truth in advertising aside, at least the fiber for our future folks have got to have the advantage on the basis of design sense. You really ought to take a look at the latest mailer. The designer should be taken out back and given a stern talking-to.

Of course its pretty easy to lie to the public and generate unwarranted fear when the opposition has about 3,000 dollars to oppose a corporate blizzard of glossy mailers, daily full-page newspaper ads, and push polls. On the other hand the good guys' big media buy has been a clutch of yard signs. Geez...you can give to the cause via PayPal at the Tri-Cities Broadband home—and get a chance to look at their full gallery of incumbent misinformation.

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