Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Council: Taking the Vote

The Advocate covers the technicals of how Tuesday's vote will be run in "LUS hearing curfew rules face council on Tuesday" to satisfy legal requirements of actual governance (LPUA) controls and bonding (the City-Parish is responsible). I could rephrase but Blanchard does a better job:

The LPUA, the governing authority for LUS, is made up of the five councilmen whose districts are comprised of at least 60 percent city residents.

The two bodies will officially hold a second public hearing on LUS' Fiber for the Future initiative -- the first was held Tuesday.

After the hearing, LPUA will vote on the proposal. After that vote, the council as a whole will vote on the measure. A majority of the membership of both bodies have made public comments seeming to indicate support for LUS' plan.

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