Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Local Media Reports On Council Vote

Apologies for the late media posting. A late night last night :-) and lots of stuff to catch up on this morning are my only excuses.

The best story today is is in the Advertiser. (Council passes $110.5M fiber plan) Good, clean reporting and they troubled themselves to do some nice sound bites from those speaking in the public comments section of the program. I'd like to have heard some reporting on the explanations each council member gave for their vote since that is what will be truly consequential in long run.

The Advocate went to press with its story (Council debates LUS network) before the vote was taken but there are still worthwhile things to look at, particularly concerning Mayor Billings of Provo and the attendance of State Treasurer John Kennedy who is chairman of the State Bond Commission.

KATC has an online story as well (LUS Fiber Plan Approved) to which they've attached a video. Kinda fun but funky javascript, low res, and a clogged Cox pipe to my home lower the its quality. We know how to fix part of that equasion.

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