Friday, November 12, 2004

LUS tabloid touts fiber-optic initiative

If you've not got your glossy, tabloid-format "Fiber for the Future" informational mailer this week and are a customer of LUS you can expect to get it soon. It started hitting mailboxes in Lafayette the day before yesterday.

Big, beautiful, and professionally produced, the mailer was, we understand, originally intended to be an informationally accurate counter to an anticipated advertising campaign disinformation campaign by incumbents in the final month or two before the council vote. That campaign simply never materialized.

It now serves the equally useful, and certainly happier, purpose of informing the community about the potentials of a project that now seems all but inevitable.

Lafayette city residents can take a look at their own copy but for those of our readers who lie outside that ambit the Advocate story has an overview:
The front cover features Jim Prince, of Stone Energy Corp., and Bill Fenstermaker, of C.H. Fenstermaker and Associates -- two proponents of the Fiber for the Future project -- and a story about the impact the project could have on the educational system.

Other articles focus on impacts on health care, economic development and the oil and gas industry.
Or you can go to the newly revamped, equally glossy, Fiber for the Future website. From the homepage you can link to the pdf formatted newsletter (Volume 1, Number 1). I look forward to seeing a Volume 1, Number 2.

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