Sunday, January 09, 2005

Anti-Anti-Fiber Artwork; Bumpers and Buttons

I've posted a collection of Anti-Anti-Fiber artwork to an "ArtWork" page on the Lafayette Pro Fiber Website. What started as one of those joking moments where friends try to outdo each other in suggesting outlandish ideas for responding to an offense has matured into something quite passable; even if I do say so myself.

The offense we were joking about was the Fiber411/BellSouth Anti Fiber petition. The most nearly reasonable of our ideas was the old mainstay of bumper stickers and buttons. The set posted here is downloadable as PDF and have been set up to fit on traditional sizes of bumper sticker and button blanks.

This series takes its inspiration from Joey Durel's immortal words in reference to the incumbent's obstructionism: "But they have to get out of our way, because we are not going to stand down on this." Words destined for history books. :-)

Its all mostly for fun—but we're serious too.

Here is the eye candy. Link back to the ArtWork page for the downloads.

Get Out of Our Way Bumper Sticker

Get Out of Our Way Button

Get Out of Our Way Bumper Sticker

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