Sunday, January 16, 2005

"Attack of the conservative "think" tanks on muni broadband"

Muniwireless has a worth-reading post on the sorts of 'think tanks' that have plauged us here in Lafayette. It specifically takes on the lie that no municipalities have been successful with Municipal Broadband that is sold by various research-for-hire PR businesses disguising themselves in the trappings of academic endeavors.

We've had to deal with these sorts here in Lafayette since the early days. This site's launch was timed to allow us to respond to the "Academic" Broadband Forum. In that forum the members of the panel were faux academicians of this stripe. More recently the Advertiser printed an advertorial written under the colors of the Heartland Institute and whose author owns a business aptly called "Expert Editorials" which repeated many of the same lies about municipal success. A Heartland Institute "research report was recently cited over at fiber411. Part of the problem with this stuff is that it fits right into the wishful thinking of some folks who want to believe things that simply are not true and gives them "cover" making claims that anyone who knows the field knows are simply not true.

I am a recovering academician myself and take personal offense at the way dishonest research devalues the work of people who actually value the truth.

On the more gratifying side of things, the article cites, and qoutes from at length, LafayetteProFiber's interview with Jim Baller concerning incumbent disinformation campaigns. It's nice to be appreciated.

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