Wednesday, January 19, 2005

BellSouth Backs Down

There was one throw-away line in this week's Independent fiber-optic story that deserves its own post:
As the LUS initiative draws nearer to becoming reality, the two private providers are scaling back any opposition to the project people may associate with their company. Local BellSouth representative John Williams says the company recently sent out a memo requesting that their employees no longer take company time to solicit signatures for a petition to hold a public vote on the LUS issue. Cox employees have not participated in the petition. (emphasis mine)
More evidence, were more needed, that most opponents are beginning to get realistic about about Lafayette's determination to do this thing. Would that our sputtering band of petitioners, now abandoned by their only large public supporter, do the same.

Someone's hearing our message:
"...get out of our way, because we are not going to back down on this."

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