Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Blowback—Dailies Cover City's Anger

The Advertiser in "Officials lash out against suit" and the Advocate in "Durel decries BellSouth suit" report on yesterday's press conference. (Our take on the event was posted yesterday.)

The long and the short of it is that both articles report press conference pretty accurately. (I don't recollect the mention of Fiber411 that the Advertiser refers to—once the tone became clear I was listening to see if they'd diffuse their focus by hitting the petitioners; I was impressed that the kept their laser-like focus on BellSouth.)

The Advocate's version reports a bit more about the consequences of the delay the suit will entail and some interesting bits from the subsequent council meetings but both articles deserve review.

Lagniappe: I am happy to have that new little bit of Cajun French from Huval's presentation yesterday to use in this situation: gourmandise--the overtones of gluttony (a deadly sin) are particularly pleasing for use in our food-happy region.

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