Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bristol Expands, again "Nearly broadband to Russell and Tazewell"

Tempted to believe that malarky that no municipal telecom utility has ever succeeded? Don't be. Bristol's telecom, beset by its own incumbents opens a second rollout of services beyond its original Bristol footprint--so says an article in the local paper.

Sounds like failure? Not to me.

This is simply an extension of Bristol's continuing success as documented in Mike's Fact Check article: Blowing the Whistle Over Bristol. That's well worth a short review if you are tempted to believe the misinformation put forward by local petitioners. That story contains the following quote from an earlier article in the Bristol paper:
"A year after it became one of the few public utilities in the country offering full telecommunications services, Bristol Virginia Utilities is beating its business plan and reaching its goals more quickly than expected."
If anyone wanted to know the truth about Bristol and other municipal success its been available right here at LafayetteProFiber since August. No one should be repeating the lie that telecom utilities never succeed to the people of Lafyette. I've directed two of the anti-fiber petitioners to this article (and Billy Ray's Interview) since this began. Victims of their own rigidity they seemed honestly astounded that the line fed them by the incumbents had ever been challenged and wanted to know of "even one" Example. It's not even hard.

Do the research.

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