Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bumper Stickers

Here's something that is a little fun: A few knockoffs of our bumber sticker got printed locally and we're happy to see some of them making their way onto cars. The more the merrier. You can download your own at our ArtWorks page.

Get Out of Our Way Bumper Sticker

Jon Fitzgerald, local fiber partisan, produced the current crop via the subscription method. If you'd like some get in touch with him. He says let him know. He's got plenty left.

Update 1/21/05: My error! If you 've tried to get in touch with Jon by email and the link didn't work it was my error. I used the wrong domain (.com instead of .net) in the mailto link which provided a well-formed address that goes nowhere. Apologies to all those who eager desires were frustrated :-).

It is fixed now.

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