Thursday, January 06, 2005


Threat Advisory Alert

From your:
Lafayette Pro Fiber Disinformation Alert System

The Disinformation Alert Level is reset to Red: Severe

The Disinformation Alert level has been raised to Red: Severe in response to a major disinformation breakout at All concerned citizens are urged review the Citizen Guidance documentation for threat levels Red: Severe and below.

You can learn about the general design of the system on our Threats System page and arm yourself to actively resist disinformation by carefully studying and following the guidelines contained in our Citizen Advisory on Citizen Guidance on the ProFiber Disformation Advisory System

Citizens are cautioned that the information terrorists at the incumbents may see this as providing an opening to reopen a sneak campaign of deceit. Vigilance!


Anonymous said...

So what has prompted the raising of the alert. Fiber411?

John said...

Yep, Lotta disinfo going down over there. And a lot of potential for more.

Anonymous said...

Like I mentioned before... get these guys a couple of big red noses... they are nothing but clowns.

Seriously though... I question the motives of fiber411. I've posed the question many times before... but why are these guys so opposed to this venture? It still boggles my mind to this day. Mr. Leblanc is a home builder right? There's no way that it could be that he is unwilling to have to run Cat5e in his newer homes to accomodate the system I wouldn't think? That would be pretty sad reasoning if it were the case. I think I do have Mr. Breakfield figured out though... conspiracy theorist... afraid of government... etc.