Friday, January 21, 2005

"Durel, Cox discuss fiber optics"

One of the dailies catches up to the local weekly (though trailing your friends here at LPF by a week) in Durel, Cox discuss fiber optics. Mostly this story repeats, with some interesting quotes, information and interpretation our readers will already be familiar with from our own report and the Independent's. But there is a nugget worth pondering in regards to the incumbent hopes of joining the wining side:

"That window (of opportunity) starts closing every day to the day we sell the bonds," Durel said.

And, indeed that is the limit for all opponents of the project. When the bonds are sold the train will have left the station.

Indeed, it's my sense that the train has already pulled out. The odor that drifts over the battlefield is one of retreat and dissarry on the part of the incumbents. Some Cox managers appear to still be out of the loop as colleagues go around them to City Hall. Williams of BellSouth asks his employees not to circulate a petition that he had earlier issued them; abandoning the Fiber411 partisans in the field with a petition weapon that's firing blanks. Williams has even begun ardently declaring that he was always been for bringing "Lafayette forward in the world of technology."

My guess is that within a week our cautious majority will have turned into an all but unanimous chorus of support. And that it will be hard to find anyone who ever had any doubts.

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