Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"Durel: Fiber 411 Contradicts Themselves"

KATC runs a story based on yet another Fiber411 press conference and Lafayette's quick response team of Durel and Huval.

The latest strange ploy of the anti-fiber petitioners is to ask the council to "put the plan on hold until legal issues are settled." Comme Ca? Say what? So these guys, based on their wishful-thinking "research," get way out ahead of themselves and are begining to realize that they've collected signatures on a petition that is simply invalid want the council to stop the train while they figure out what they should be doing.

That's just nuts. In the real world, if you make a mistake of this magnitude, make it in public, and make it in the face of consistently good advice from your opponents, then you admit your error and see if you can fix it. You don't ask for a time out while you figure out the game.

It might even be nice if they would admit that they were wrong, acknowledge that nearly everyone told them so, and grant that maybe their reflexive distrust of government caused them to ignore good advice from public officials.

I'll be looking for a press conference like that.

The KATC article: Durel: Fiber 411 Contradicts Themselves (Look for the video.)

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