Thursday, January 13, 2005

Durel on Talk Radio

I rousted myself to listen to coffee with the mayor on KPEL this morning hoping to hear something to confirm or deny rumours that have been floating about.

Didn't get that but did get to hear Durel flogging the fiber issue yet again. In between calls about police directing traffic at schools, a mysterious black Toyota Seqouia, and something about a referree Durel kept hitting away at the fiber issue. He is uncompromising in drawing the contrast between big corporations and local control. He's dead center on target with that one. Almost all the other issues are anchored in that one in some way.

No one in Atlanta, no matter how rich and powerful, should be trying to tell us what to do. Period.

But the emotional highlight of the morning was Evelyn, a little ole lady of 87 (we heard the age several times), who called in with a complaint about the fiber petitioners. According to Miz Evelyn she had been taken advantage of by a sweet young couple with two children who reminded her of her all her grandneices and nephews. As she recounts it she thought that by signing the petion she was somehow supporting Lafayette (and that nice young couple). But, with a little prompting from Durel, she said that she'd told them that she wanted to buy those bonds for the grandchildren and that she liked progress. She only discovered the truth about the petition when she watched Durel on Television. She was most apologetic and wanted her name off.

The local color, the accent, the patient mayor, the wonderful, courtly older lady were more fun than should be allowed before I'd had my coffee.

The BellSouth/Fiber411 petitioners take the odd stand that someone like Miz Evelyn, who really, really wants the progress the fiber build would represent, should be singing the petition because it is "only" about a vote on bonds. That's just not true and they absolutely have to know it. It is about stopping those bonds from being issued. It is about arranging for our city to be mugged by wealthy corporate outsiders with a demonstrated propensity to lie. Its about flooding our community with mean-spirited insinuations about the trustworthyness of our elected leadership; insinuations funded by corporate masters who don't give a fig for Lafayette or, indeed, anything but the lucre they can make off us.

If the guys at Fiber411 who designed this petition want to be believed about their more substantial positions (as few as I think they are) they simply have to stop claiming that their aim is anything other than it is. This little ole lady won't be the last piece of bad publicity that they get on this score.


Anonymous said...

Hello members!

I am contacting you because as members of, you have an interest in finding out more about the LUS FTTH project. Many of you have expressed interest in signing the petition and even have offered support to get the petition signed. We would like to take you up on the offers.

I am proud to report that the response so far has been FANTASTIC! We are getting a VERY HIGH percentage of eligible voters contacted signing the petition on the spot! It is difficult to get an accurate count at this time, but it looks like we at least have 1000 so far.

We need more people out there! We have a meeting this Thursday to organize petition volunteers for the coming weekend.

When: Thursday, Jan. 13th @ 6:30 PM
Where: 315 S. College, Suite 163 (park in back of building. Office is to the right when you walk in back door.)

So far, almost everyone we talk to is in favor of having a vote, even if they are leaning toward favoring the project. With very rare exception, EVERYONE we talk to agrees that he or she really knows nothing or very little about the project at all. They all want to know more.

Please RSVP to let me know if you can make it. If you can't make it to the meeting, but you want to circulate the petition, let me know and I will fill you in on what you missed over the phone.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

Neal E. Breakfield
Lafayette, LA

P.S. If you have trouble finding the place, call me on the cell phone 258-9454.
Neal E. Breakfield
Lafayette, LA

John said...

Hey Neal, come on, if you're gonna try and pick up a little free publicity at a site with an established readership (and thanks for the implicit compliment) you really ought to deal with the issue in the post you attach to. Politesse.

So, are you gonna own up that your petition is all about stopping LUS? The dishonesty of claiming that isn't your purpose just isn't supportable.

So how about it? Are you going to continue to tell people that stopping LUS isn't what you want?

John said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice... use of misinformation or outright lies is being used to dupe people into signing the petition. Fiber411 should be proud.