Thursday, January 06, 2005

Durel reacts to USAToday Attention for Lafayette

In a sidebar to the larger "Bells dig in to dominate" story Durel comments on the positive attention Lafayette is gettting and what it could mean for us all. He keeps a level head about it all though:
While the attention is nice for the city, the real benefit is that the fiber initiative is happening, Durel said.

"Some may call it luck that we're getting this attention, but luck is just when opportunity and preparation meet," he said. "If we weren't doing this, nobody outside of Lafayette would have read about us, but now the whole world is."
These sorts of national kudos are good for civic morale: Lafayette is about to embark on an ambitious journey. What me most need is the sense that we can do it; that those that would stop us are acting unfairly, and that our community is willing to stand up to those who'd keep us down. Stories like this feed the fever. Good for us.

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