Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Endorsements, take 3: "Intel to back broadband role for cities"

Cnet previews Intel's new broadband policy in Intel to back broadband role for cities | CNET It's not exactly an endorsement of Lafayette's project; I know, but to have Intel of all heavies come out and demand a role for government in the provision of broadband services is most definitely good news for for our little baby.

(Neal Breakfield and Bill LeBlanc, petitioners who seem to place unnatural stock in the holding forth of Intel executives: take note: The new song book is being issued.)

So we've got an endorsement from USAToday, a rousing "go to it" from the technorati at Slashdot, and support for municipal builds from Intel.

Who'd have thought it? The tide is running strong. What could possibly be next? Maybe Gates will endorse open source.

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