Thursday, January 06, 2005

In The Advertiser: Bells dig in to dominate high-speed Internet realm

Local readers get easy access to the original story from USAToday. Great; it is something every citizen should read; it's very direct in its reporting on BellSouth's anti-competitive strategies. However, I am moved to note that it would have been nice to get this kind of analysis from the local Gannett paper. My guess is that they'd think it too partisan; hey, newsflash, the truth ain't partisan. From the Advertiser:
"Editor's note: The following story, originally appearing in Tuesday's edition of USA Today, called broad attention to Lafayette's fiber controversy. USA Today and The Daily Advertiser are both owned by Gannett Co. Inc"
We've worked this one pretty hard in these pages so I won't comment a fifth time. Yes, there really are 4 others. I am officially appalled. But the story is that rich. Go get it.

(It'd be nice if the story weren't buried on the back page of the B section. In USAToday's national paper the story got the cover story status. You'd think it would be considered a tad more important locally.)

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