Wednesday, January 05, 2005

International Attention for the Battle of Lafayette

The famed wireless blog and information center, written out of Amsterdam, posts a long entry endorsing Lafayette's FTTH Project in a post called
Battle of Lafayette, Louisiana: the People vs Incumbents.

He works through the (ir)rational opposition to LUS dispelling misconceptions with sweeping strokes. Try it, you'll like it.

A nice tidbit from the center of the article:
Here's my problem with the BellSouths of the world. They are acting like the state monopoly that KPN (formerly known as the Dutch PTT) used to be. They do not want competition. They want protection from competition. They are true anti-capitalists. Shouldn't that make fiscal conservatives see red? Isn't that what communism/socialism was about?
Nice, very nice, to get a view from across the pond.

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Doug Menefee said...

Good post. I had posted's post earlier today. I noticed that he was referenced in the article. Amazing how Viral Marketing works.