Monday, January 10, 2005

Liberate Announces Agreement for Sale of North American Business to Double C Technologies, A Joint Venture of Comcast and Cox

Well, it looks like the folks at Cox have found yet another thing they'd prefer to spend money on instead of deploying fiber to the premises in Lafayette!

This once again makes the case in favor of the LUS fiber project and its importance to our community.

To wit: Fiber to the premises technology is the essential infrastructure of the information age (look at where the cable and phone companies are putting their infrastructure dollars — fiber to the premises); neither BellSouth nor Cox have deemed Lafayette to be worthy of being on the receiving end of their forward-looking infrastructure investments (that's going into larger markets, if it's happening at all); and, finally, ONLY LUS has declared it's willingness to bring this essential economic infrastructure into Lafayette now — when it can make a significant difference in the economic prospects of our community.

Those who argue that we should let the private sector do it are really saying "it should not be done" because the private sector companies have no intention of building a fiber to the premises plant in this city in the foreseeable future.

What the delusional petitioners are really saying is that Lafayette will be better off if we agree to forfeit the economic advantage that the LUS fiber to the premises project would bring us.

That's right! We'd rather be slow than grow! Or, Lafayette: As Good as Atlanta Will Let Us Be!

Luddites of Lafayette Unite! You have nothing to lose but your prospects!

In fact, from this day forward, as a form of shorthand, I will refer to that coalition of Luddites and BellSouth apparachiks pushing the petition to stop the LUS project as "Delusional United Luddites of Lafayette" (DULL).

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