Sunday, January 09, 2005

Menefee's Guest Column

Doug Menefee, fellow fiber blogger and the chamber's go to tech guy, has a guest editorial in today's Advertiser. It basically sings the praises of Mayor Durel. Fiber, our favorite topic, is a surprisingly minor note in the song. It's lauditory tone sets a sets off some sort of reflex in me, making me want to point out that there were at least some misteps. —The aborted moves to rename Lousiana and to cut meals on wheels come to mind. But, you know, both of those were things Durel was willing to back off of. Knowing when to fold 'em is a the trait of a good leader as well.

No, all in all, Doug is right on this one. We've been awfully lucky in Joey Durel. Certainly there'd be no fiber initiative without him and his upstanding style has been a pleasure to watch.

(I tried waiting for the online version of this essay but, oddly, there hasn't been one.)

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Doug Menefee said...

Like I said in the column... can't please all of the people all of the time, but has been able to please most of the people - most of the time. The two items which you highlighted have mostly been driven by the Consolidated Council.

Durel very much would have liked to seen Louisiana Ave name changed. I questened him just the other day about other roads with similar issues. Guilbeaux/Camillea, Albertsons Pkwy/ La Nue Vel (spelling??), South College/Bertrand.

In regards to outside agencies. That has been a battle being fought for many years. I think that government has a responsibility to assist programs, but they need to develop a method which ensures that the programs are accountable for their funds. (NO - I'm not saying that MOW is not accountable) There are too many agencies, all with valid needs, with very little dollars to choose from.

A pet peeve of mine is Night Owl Bus service. I believe that this community puts too much emphasis on having 100,000 cars on the road - instead of public transportation. All a bit off the subject of Fiber - but my point to the community was that Fiber isn't the only thing which is making Lafayette a better place to live.