Monday, January 10, 2005

Ministers Denounce SBC Internet-Cable TV Push as 'Digital Redlining'

The ministerial group mentioned in the story linked to in the headline for this post gets to the heart of the corporatist approach to infrastructure buildouts: It perpetuates and magnifies divisions in communities.

In the views of Cox and BellSouth, Louisiana is not ready for fiber to the home technology; and, if Louisiana is not ready, then Lafayette is not ready. Once Lafayette is deemed ready (at some point a decade or so into the future and probably after Baton Rouge and Jefferson Parish) not all of Lafayette will be deemed ready; it will be certain sections of Lafayette.

This is the essence of the digital divide.

Critics (i.e., petitioners) of the LUS plan are, apparently, threatened by the prospect of all citizens -- regardless of class -- having access to advanced network services.

That is the true beauty of the LUS plan: it is for ALL of us!

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