Monday, January 10, 2005

USATODAY Double Feature - "Competition should be fair"

As a counterpoint to USAToday's endorsement of Lafayette's right to self-determination (blogged earlier) the paper allows William A. Oliver, president of BellSouth Louisiana, the space for a rebuttal.

Mr. Oliver, unfortunately, doesn't really attempt a rebuttal. After all, he isn't planning to provide fiber to the home in Lafayette any time soon and he can't just own up to being afraid that a Lafayette with LUS providing a telecom utility won't be much less lucrative for his company.

So instead of any rebuttal of substantial points of the newspaper's editorial he weakly and rather incredibly resorts to claiming that he doesn't actually want to stop us. I know that seems just too obviously a lie to possibly be what he says. But that is what he says, and I quote:
"It has never been BellSouth's intention to derail this project."
To which I can only say BS--and that I can now see why BellSouth's initials are BS.

This is the sort of contemptuous lie that assumes that his readers are so stupid that they can be swayed merely by his pious claim to "fair competition" sanctity. BS.

It's BS to say that the law that BellSouth tried to get passed in the Louisiana Legislature wasn't intended to stop LUS from even thinking about such a project by making it impossible to even fund a study of the issue.

It's BS to say that the fake "Academic" forum they helped sponsor that featured bought and paid for "expert witnesses," the fourm that simply lied about the history of municipal successes in this area was intended to do anything but stop the project.

It's BS to be paying legions of your lobbyists to use the regulatory power of the PSC to impose conditions on your opponent that you claim should not be applied to your provision of the same service isn't intended to do anything but stop the project.

And today, on the very day that the executives of BS try turn their loyal local employees into a paid political arm of the corporation. On the very day that their trucks roll all over Lafayette charged with getting signatures on a dubiously legal petition from folks who they visit on service calls. On today of all days it should be apparent that it is BullShit to claim that BellSouth is not trying to stop LUS. They are. And if they had a grain of honor they'd own up to it.

The sort of mindset that allows Oliver to write an essay like this is contemptuous of the truth. For these guys: no quarter. The incumbents have behaved and continue to behave dishonorably. They deserve our contempt and nothing more. I invite you to join me in that condemnation.

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