Monday, January 10, 2005

USATODAY Double Feature - "Internet quest gets squashed"

The USToday largess continues! Words you never thought you'd hear: USAToday ENDORSES Lafayette's cause. But its true. They do so pointedly saying:
Lafayette, like dozens of other cities unwilling to wait for telecommunications giants such as Bell South to install broadband pipelines, decided to build its own. That should have been the end of the story. Why shouldn't citizens be able to use their own resources to help themselves?
The editorial goes on to review the case, easily dismissing specious incumbent arguments that we already have broadband we need by pointing out that what is being offered is slower, more expensive, than our alternative and is not available to all our citizens, as LUS' will be. And to drive the point home they let their national readership know that BellSouth and Cox are simply refusing to provide the services they are trying to prevent the city from building.

As Durel said in the article that inspired for this endorsement: They need to get out of our way!

The story closes with this endorsement of Lafayette's basic position:
Louisiana regulators are busy reviewing the case. But for Lafayette to lose, there are a couple of things the regulators will have to ignore: fairness and common sense.
Lafayette has every reason to enthused about this. It's rare to get such explicit encouragement from a national outlet. The paper is absolutely right, of course; the argument is simple and compelling: The big out of town corporations refuse to provide what we need; so we are doing it for oursleves. There's nothing unfair about that, contrary to the incumbent propoganda, and nothing offensive. Doing for ourselves is just good common sense.

A little Lagniappe: You know, if this is so clear to the folks who work for Gannett way across the country, you'd think that the local Gannett newspapers could see what is right in front of their faces. Where are our local endorsements? We can no longer put it off on corporate timidity. No, the lack of vision and courage is in downtown Lafayette.

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