Tuesday, January 04, 2005

USATODAY on Lafayette's Fiber Optic Broadband

The much ballyhooed article Mayor Durel let slip would be coming out has finally hit the stands in USAToday.

It was pushed out of the paper last week at the last minute by Tsunami news but is the cover story of the money section today. Nice placement in the nation's largest circulation daily.

Go get the official version at USAToday: Bells dig in to dominate high-speed Internet realm

The story wasn't pulled back quickly enough to keep it from ciruclating online last week and we ended up with three different blog entries inspired by the article. You can review them at: Lafayette, poster child for municipal broadband, Reflections: Lafayette isn't small, it's central, and "Bells dig in to dominate high-speed Internet realm Consumers could pay if giants squash rivals like tiny Lafayette, La."

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