Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"Wolf in the Bayou" - BellSouth and Lafayette continue feud

Whew! Broadband Reports, the largest national broadband information clearing house has a discussion string going that is focused on BellSouth's little betrayal here in Lafayette. Apparently it is isn't only folks down here who get hot about incumbent deceit.

Also, a very healthy representation of locals is spending time blasting BellSouth. Perhaps some have heard of Durel's call to let BellSouth know how "furious" they are even if the media chose not report that call. Or, more likely, they don't need to be told to be furious.

Call BellSouth. Let Williams know how little you like what Oliver and the company he represents are doing.
(337) 261-2800
Does anyone know if EATEL is accepting new applications for service? How to? (VOIP stories?)

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