Sunday, January 23, 2005

Xserve cluster born in Louisiana

Here's something that is little more than a tidbit but expresses something particularly Lousiana. The story is about a new cluster computer over at LSU. (A cluster computer is a type of super computer built with standard computer boxes, in this case Mac XServes.)

What makes it particularly Louisianaish is the use it'll be devoted to:
Nemeaux is the only cluster of its kind devoted to computational arts research. It will open new avenues of expression and creativity for artists, musicians and researchers at LSU.

"Nemeaux provides a platform for scientists and artists to explore new possibilities," said Stephen David Beck, director of the Laboratory for Creative Arts & Technologies, a division of CCT, and professor of composition and computer music.

Researchers in LCAT will benefit from Nemeaux's ability to link art and technology for future creative and research projects. Among the intended uses of the computer cluster are video composition and animation rendering, which translates a set of computer data and virtual objects into a full visual representation of those objects. Nemeaux will also serve as a powerful research tool for the computational aspects of music, film, video and art.
There is something right about Louisiana having "the only cluster of its kind devoted to computational arts research."

Now if we could only get one for Lafayette's students.

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