Saturday, February 05, 2005 News - Fiber-optics vote petition fails 02/05/05

Kevin Blanchard does a good job of trying to unravel the intricacies of the law as played against the self-serving personalities of the petitioners.

I read the thing through carefully and it looks like the Fiber411 boys did themselves in by turning in their petition early. They want to believe they can come back later and add to the signatures on the petition but on Blanchard's account the law is uncompromising: you can't add or subtract from a petition after it is turned in. They'll have to start over, even in the very unlikely case that some judge finds for BellSouth and is not overturned.

Take a look at the article though. The story is intricate and there are some fun things in it.

But the best part, from the point of view of a partisan, was another classic quote from Durel. It's clear that BellSouth and Cox should not expect anyone here to back off:
"I call on BellSouth officials in their ivory towers in Atlanta to call off the lawsuit against the people of Lafayette and Louisiana," Durel said. "We are more than capable of determining our own future without their intervention." News - Fiber-optics vote petition fails 02/05/05

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