Thursday, February 17, 2005

"4th group joins suit against LUS" News - 4th group joins suit against LUS 02/17/05:
Hey, the Louisiana Cable and Telecommunications Association has joined the suit in support of BellSouth/Cox and Fiber411. The organization is composed of cable companies, so the list of members is interesting but not significant. What did you expect?

In the story Huval notes that he doesn't think BS and Cox are prepared to play fair. The story calls to mind an earlier event that reflects on the likelihood that the incumbents would actually play by neutral rules they initially agree to (presided over by the chamber) by citing a little recent history:
"Last year, the chamber proposed a forum with Cox, BellSouth and LUS to explore the issue.

After weeks of negotiations, rules and questions for the forum were finally hammered out. But days before the forum was held, BellSouth and Cox pulled out."
It's always a good thing when people remember their history. When it came right down to it, when BellSouth and Cox failed in an attempt to blackmail the chamber into changing the rules to favor them, the incumbents went home in a huff. There is no reason to believe they'd play any fairer in this situation.


Neal Breakfield said...

Dear John:

Why is it that you are the only one who posts on your web site?

Oh, wait... Joey has something to say:

"It's a little scary... thinking of government getting into an entrepreneurial role is something that we were all kind of taught in civics that government doesn't do. Government doesn't compete with the private sector."

- Joey Durel, Campaign 2003

John said...

Folks, this is typical of Neal and, I have to say, the folks at Fiber411. If you'll look at adjacent posts you'll see that Neal, instead of actually responding to any of the articles or commentary just repeats himself 18 times. There’s no communication attempted. It's a tantrum; the (im)moral equivalent of pissing on a neighbor's wall because he said something you didn't like.

It would be easier to develop some respect for these guys if they'd show some for themselves.

Likely what is frustrating Neal is the growing wave of formerly silent support made visible in response to Joey Durel's call to action. And likely LPF is a target because he doesn't like what I say about the boys in response to yesterday's tirade posted to our site. (See

He can't answer real questions. He just continues to parrot whatever the last angry thing he or some handler feeds him.

I'll repeat what is obviously a futile plea: Start answering real questions. Quit mouthing nonsense.

I'm out of patience with these guys.

Neal Breakfield said...


People who can beat the message don't waste time trying to beat up the messenger.

WE have thick skin. You have no message.

The community's RIGHT to vote on this is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It is the law.

You want to break the law to ensure that you get your way.

You are entitled to your opinion, but if you try to break the law to infringe on OUR rights, WE can and will do something about it.

And no amount of insults will dissuade US from it.

Neal Breakfield said...


You are absolutely right about one thing: I was rude and I apologize. No excuses. I apologize to you and all the other users for spamming your site.

It will not happen again... with one exception: I will post this where I spammed in hopes that it will clear the air.

I want what I think most of us want: a meaningful, informative and civil discussion where all sides can be heard.

John said...


Thanks, that's a gracious and straightforward apology.


We all get wound a mite tighter than is good for us at times. Myself included.