Friday, February 18, 2005

Another Sock Puppets of the Incumbents Chapter Surfaces

There they go again!

Our friends in the Fourth Estate (i.e., the Main Stream Media) have fallen for the bait. The Advocate reports that a "fourth party" has entered the suit against LUS. The implication is that the Louisiana Cable & Telecommunications Association is somehow separate and apart from the other parties in the suit: Cox, BellSouth and the original, local Sock Puppets of the Incumbents group.


Check out the leadership of the LCTA here.

Lo and behold! The president of this august body is none other than Cox honcho Gary Cassard! Oh, the past president is the president of Cox Baton Rouge! There are a couple of other Cox GMs on the board.

So, the proper perspective is that LCTA's role in this legal skirmish is that of a subsidiary of Cox. It's not like it's an independent organization or anything like that.

No, the LCTA is statewide chapter of the Sock Puppets of the Incumbents, industrial division!


ricky said...

To be fair, I think the Advocate does address that the membership in the group is made up of something like 60% (80%? don't remember exactly from reading the article yesterday) Cox employees. Obviously you want them to be a little more explicit about what that means, but the reporter did manage to give you the information to put together for yourself.

Neal Breakfield said...

Dear John:

Why is it that you are the only one who posts on your web site? No, that's not true. Mike Stagg helps out now and then. Occasionally someone else like "ricky" does too...

Oh, wait... Joey has something to say:

"It's a little scary... thinking of government getting into an entrepreneurial role is something that we were all kind of taught in civics that government doesn't do. Government doesn't compete with the private sector."

- Joey Durel, Campaign 2003

Neal Breakfield said...


You are absolutely right about one thing: I was rude and I apologize. No excuses. I apologize to you and all the other users for spamming your site.

It will not happen again... with one exception: I will post this where I spammed in hopes that it will clear the air.

I want what I think most of us want: a meaningful, informative and civil discussion where all sides can be heard.