Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bond Law in the Advocate

The Advocate's server is having some problems this morning and a short piece on bond law hasn't made it online. The story isn't definitive, but it does begin to give some insight into how the lawyers are thinking about it all. In a nutshell: LUS' use of the law is not unusual, and the use is appropriate for the sort of support for the bonds LUS has said it will give. BellSouth and Cox are claiming that it ought to be read as modified by another law intended for bonds with a different sort of support. Nobody official will comment officially. Same old same old. I'd still love to see a conversation with a lawyer who has some expertise about the ins and outs.

Update 10:36—The Advocate's servers seem to be working reliably again and the story is now online. You can get it at: Disputed law used before, official says.

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