Thursday, February 03, 2005

"Chamber offers guide in fiber-optic fray"

Blanchard in the Advocate offers an overview of the Chamber's recent position statement on public vs. private investment. What's most interesting about the article is to get the spin from Mayor Durel and Chamber President Picard.

Durel's spin is positive, as you might expect. He thinks the city is right in line with these guidelines. Picard is relatively new as a visible player:
"Picard said it's too early in the process for the chamber to take a specific position on the LUS fiber-optic project."
You can only shake your head. Too early? The project is almost locked in place. Once the bonds are sold, it will all be over but the cheering. But regular readers have seen my take on this; there's no need to go through the sorry story again. If you missed that post, it's sitting in the archives.

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