Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Fiber411 holds press conference, joins suit against LUS

Both the Advocate, Fiber411 joins suit against LUS , and the Advertiser, Council nears next step; Fiber 411 keeps up fight , report on Fiber411's latest press conference.

I pretty much had my say on this last night (see below) when I saw the KLFY report. My advice then and now is to focus on the action and dismiss the words of these guys. For instance, from the Advocate, here are their words.
"'It should not be BellSouth and Cox's responsibility to protect the right of the citizens to petition their government,' Supple said. 'It is the citizens' responsibility to protect their right to vote.'"
Here are their actions:
—We are joining in support of BellSouth and Cox's lawsuit against the city-parish. We recognize that we could sue in our own name (and on our own ticket), if what we really wanted was to righteously defend the people against their decisions, but that would be too hard. And besides, it would not give our corporate mentors the additional standing of having a "citizens" group join two Atlanta-based mega corporations. After all, consisitent support of their interests is all that unifies our various positions and so-called principles. —
It really isn't hard to figure out. You should judge a man by his actions.

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