Wednesday, February 23, 2005

LUS/City Loses in District Court

A sad day. Judge Hebert has ruled for the plantiffs in court early this afternoon. No reliable news on the reasoning behind his ruling is yet available. And no news, of course, on whether or not the city will appeal though I am assuming that it will barring a ruling whose logic seems irrefutable.


Anonymous said...

With all the master planning it appeared LUS had done, they couldn't obviate this. this city is run amuck with loons and their all too willing lawyers. ESA kids are going to court over Fs they received after admittedly cheating on final exams. And an obscure little fab trio of milquetoast clods calling themselves the fiber 411 are now being legitimized by a state district judge as the voice of the people. enough already. nobody wants another year of legal wrangling with this crap. put it on the ballot and let's see what the real majority says. then we can all move on to showing how ass backwards we are in newer, more exciting ways.

GumboFilé said...
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GumboFilé said...

It's exactly this kind of arrogance that provoked much of your opposition. The purpose of debate is not to piss-off, but to persuade. You do not have a monopoly on truth and virtue. There are principled people opposing this for principled reasons.

baycock said...

This is to Anonymous:

I am extremely pleased to see that you were able to take time away from your job at NASA to join this debate. Your insightful and eloquent expressions of the issues will be an enlightening addition.

Once you have graced us with your wisdom and have set us all on the right path, I know you will want to rush back to NASA to join your colleagues, SCRUBING THE TOILETS!