Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Media Coverage of the Bond Vote

KLFY: Lafayette Consolidated Council Passes Introductory Fiber Ordinance
KATC: No Fiber Compromise
Advocate: Rules offered for LUS to sell fiber-optic bonds

Take a read. I've given my take in the previous post. These articles all seem pretty accurate to me except for the part where they say that BellSouth has agreed to the deal. That isn't what I heard. I heard that Supple called BellSouth this afternoon and that on the spur of the moment they had agreed in principle. That is not the same thing as agreeing, even though similar words are used. Not even close. And in that case the critical modifier is "principle," which doesn't have any discernable meaning for the incumbent corporations. As Duval remarked the last time BellSouth played a publicity stunt with "negotiating" before driving the knife of a lawsuit into the city's back: I want to see it in writing, a concrete proposal on the table before "negotiations" even begin. And any proposal should be in a legally enforceable contractural form that the courts can collect, with fiscal penalties large enough that BellSouth would feel them. Real enforcement.

The incumbent's tactic is delay, obstruction, delay and more delay. I hope the city doesn't waste a single day waiting for that concrete proposal. My guess is that it will never come and not be worth considering if it does. Just another round of smoke and mirrors.

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